Touch And Go
a Revolutionary Keyboard

The Touch And Go keyboard also allows you to enter pre-recorded sentences with one touch, and to record your own sentences. Any letter (or symbol) can be associated with a different sentence.
Playing a recorded sentence
The way to enter a sentence associated to a letter is very similar to entering this letter.
You just need to wait a small delay, holding your finger down after the initial touch, before going to the letter.
The key becomes slightly blue, as a feedback that its associated sentence will now be entered, if you release your finger on the letter.

Getting Feedback
If you keep you finger down, after going to a letter, the keyboard draws a large banner, showing the sentence to be entered.
If you change your mind, or choose a wrong key, you can cancel the entry of the sentence by going back to the center of the key : the banner disappears.

Recording a new sentence
First, enter the line of text to be recorded.
The position of the caret in this sentence will also be recorded.

Second, choose the menu item “Record …” the the “map” menu.
The menu appears classically, when holding down the map key. The exact sentence the system is going to record is displayed in the menu.
The keyboard enters a so-called “recording mode” : the map key is slightly red... you can cancel the recording by typing any key.

Third, record the new sentence, with a gesture exactly similar to the playing gesture.
The key now becomes slightly red, as a feedback that any associated sentence will now be replaced by the new one, if you release your finger on its letter.
Deleting an existing binding
To remove a sentence associated with a letter or a symbol, proceed just like the recording of an empty entry.
In the “map” menu, the “Record …” item becomes “Delete one recording…”.
Runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
Requires iOS8 or better.
This keyboard design is registered under the i-Depot number 047112 at the BOIP.
© 2013-2015, Frédéric Blondiau — DouWère, s.p.r.l.