a native calculator in a “smart scratchpad”

Waltz let you type, delete, or modify text in a scratchpad, like any text editor... but, when you press the return key, Waltz invokes an interpretor to evaluate the line you typed in, then inserts the result, just below.

For example, if you enter 1 + 2 and press the return key, a 3 appears.


What makes Waltz unique, when compared to so many other calculators, is its deep respect of the new iOS philosophy, focusing on usability, moving away from skeuomorphic designs (which mimicked real objects).

You just see what you asked, and the replies... touch to edit, then re-evaluate !


Behind this simple appearance, Waltz is also the only app giving an easy access to one of the most powerful component of iOS : JavaScriptCore — until now, mainly used by Safari.

Like web pages, Waltz is extensible at will, without any specific learning... by just checking a box in a list.

So, whether you just need to quickly check a bill, get the total cost of a loan, or even analyse the electrical behaviour of a linear circuit, Waltz is the only tool you need.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

© 2015, Frédéric Blondiau — DouWère, s.p.r.l.