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Stapled is an original utility letting you share your artistic creations in their best quality, at locations previously reserved to photographs

Give it a try ! It’s free.

Open any document with the application : it creates a new document — litterally a picture — rendering a preview of the original document… but a somewhat special picture, that also embeds the original document, at its full quality.

Wherever you put this picture, you also put the original document : the original document has been “stapled” with the picture (hence the staple, drawn on the picture).

When you open back a picture created by Stapled (or a copy of it) into the application : it will magically re-create the original document !
The original document has been “unstapled” from the picture.

What’s new ?

Stapled 2.3 is a maintenance update.

This version is supported on Big Sur, and runs natively on Apple Silicon.

Stapled 2.3.1 brings back the ability to use a custom image for the stapled file.

Help is available here.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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